Getecsa's fundamental purpose is to create outstanding value for our customers by offering high quality services in such way that our commercial partners can reach their objectives in a successful way and feel completely satisfied with our support.

Guided by this basic goal, as part of our commitment we are continuously improving our processes in order to keep strengthening the confidence you have placed in us.

What sets us apart in the marketplace is our intellectual capital, conformed by more than one hundred consultants, specialized in technology and business areas of great value to any company. 

Getecsa is people and... technology

  • Our Mission
  • To provide high-quality, cost-effective and innovative information technology business solutions and professional and timely consulting services in order to address the needs and expectations of our customers.

  • Our Vision
  • Achieve international soundness and recognition as one of the best information technology companies in the world.

  • Our Values
    • Respect: Relationships between people must be of mutual respect.
    • Experience: Make the most of our experience by offering a solution to our clients’ needs.
    • Innovation: Being innovative and creative to find the most cost-effective and appropriate solution for our clients.
    • Commitment:  Total commitment that enables us to reach goals and results as planned.
    • Team Work: The best results are achieved by individual strengths working together.
    • Honesty: In each of our activities with our people, our customers and our suppliers.